Artist, graphic designer, writer, in alphabetical order.

Shannon Spyker graduated from Kent State University with a BA in painting and drawing, and later in life with a secondary associates degree in computer information systems. She is owner of Tulip Tree Creative Studios, a freelance business that offers graphic design services to small businesses and non profit organizations, including academic journal and book design services (her most enjoyed projects). She has written extensively in a professional capacity for her past employers and business clients, as well as for personal projects.

She first discovered her love of writing as a child, first taking a stab at creating a family newsletter when she was in elementary school. She also wrote scripts for plays, her family members and neighbors indulging her by performing them. At the age of 14 she entered the music ‘zine writing scene with a music publication of her own, and has never stopped producing some form of music, art or creative writing publication since that time. Her most recent writing intensive endeavors include the collaborative art project, Mental Beans, and Sisters Dissonance, a live music and photography zine/travelogue she co-created and co-authors with her sister.

She grew up on the shores of Lake Erie in Ashtabula, Ohio and now lives just outside Cleveland with her husband and two amazing kids, one in high school and one headed into the college years, their two felines, and an aquatic frog named Gerard. She also wishes she could be a companion animal owner to an elephant, a water buffalo and a humpback whale, but since this isn’t really practical and would prefer they remained in the wild anyway, she instead supports them through adoptive donations to organizations who help take care of those in need.