Greetings! However you may have found your way here, I am pleased you did.

As a graphic designer by profession, artist by degree, and lifelong writer by passion, this website focuses on the pen wielder in me.

At the moment my attention is fixed upon my first full manuscript. What once began as a series of bedtime stories told back and forth between myself and my father when I was a 4 year old child has, over the decades, transformed into a full-fledged fantasy/adventure for tween+ . This site will follow along the journey as it finds its way from its first sparks as a spoken tale, into a published novel.

I will be blogging through many exciting and enjoyable stages including finalizing chapters, deciding which avenue to take (to traditional publish or self-publish?), polishing for submission, revisions and agent seeking. I will also discuss the origins of the book, how the tale grew over the years when my own children and members of my whole family contribute (and continue to contribute) to the story.

You can sit back in the comfort of your own space and follow along as I go!